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Dr Aaron Chow

Dr. Aaron Chow

Dr Aaron Chow graduated with distinctions from the University of Adelaide, Australia. He was recognised for his academic excellence in dentistry and was awarded the Australian Society of Orthodontists Award as well as the Australian Dental Association Award upon completion of dental school

Dr Aaron Chow places a strong emphasis on patient-centered care and minimum intervention dentistry. In the clinical setting, he aims to provide the patient with a positive dental experience that would later change their perception of a visit to a dentist or reduce dental anxiety, ensuring that the patient is comfortable in the clinical setting.

He enjoys the various disciplines of general dentistry with particular interest in orthodontics and oral surgery. Dr Aaron Chow has experience in managing patients of various age groups and complex medical histories after having worked in both rural and metropolitan areas in Australia.

Dr Aaron Chow understands that each patient has their own unique dental needs and strives to tailor his treatment or management to cater to their specific needs. He believes in taking the time to carry out a procedure to the best of his ability and regularly attends professional development seminars or courses for his own progressive professional development.

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