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Dr. Jessie Yip Wai Po

Dr. Jessie Yip Wai Po

Dr Jessie Yip graduated from the University of Adelaide in Australia. She started serving our community in 2012 and had experience in working with various local clinics in Singapore. She joined Paramount Dental (Hougang) in 2015.

Dr Jessie does all general dental works and has special interests in fixed and removable prosthetics (crown and bridges, dentures, implant-supported crown/ dentures); orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), and aesthetic dentistry (porcelain crown and veneers, direct composite bonding, teeth whitening).  

She has a strong belief in continual education and thus has been spending time attending external courses to learn about the latest technology in dentistry and to refine her clinical skills, aiming at providing thorough and high-quality dental care to her patients. 

Dr Jessie is a member of CGDP (College of General Dental Practitioner), ADSS (Aesthetic Dentistry Society Singapore), and SDA (Singapore Dental Association).

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