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With the advent of 3D printing technology and orthodontic planning software, we are one of the few dental groups in Singapore who has our own capability to produce our own clear aligners NOBLE SMILE ALIGNER to cater to our patients’ need of an economical, yet quality clear aligner treatment.

Clear aligner is an alternative to conventional braces in straightening your teeth. Clear aligner provides a clear, aesthetic and comfortable way of straightening your teeth. It does not use bracket and wire, hence the reduced chance of getting an ulcer and emergency visits to dental clinics to fix dislodged brackets and poking wires. Furthermore, the cleaning of teeth is simple as there is no fixed bracket and wire around your teeth, hence reduced chance of getting a bad breath or tooth decay.

The follow up visits for clear aligner treatment is similar to conventional braces treatment where you visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks, to monitor aligner fitting, attachments integrity and teeth movement.

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