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Crowns / Bridges / Veneers


Crown is a dental cap, over a damaged tooth to prevent further tooth fracture or over a discoloured tooth to improve the aesthetic and smile.

For teeth in the aesthetic zone, we offer full ceramic crowns with customised staining. For teeth that has more loading in biting/ chewing (e.g. molars), we can offer the hardest form of full ceramic crown (monolithic zirconia crown) or if a patient does not have high aesthetic demand, we can also make full metal crown or even full gold crown.

Patients who wish to improve their smile, we can do smile design, treatment planning and advice for ways to improve the smile,  including veneers or a combination of orthodontic treatment and veneers/ crowns.

Veneer is a thin layer of ceramic or composite resin over the tooth surface to improve the teeth appearance. Most of the time, that involves removing a thin layer of tooth structure before this thin layer of ceramic or composite resin is adhered onto the tooth surface.

Our philosophy of treatment is more conservative and in most cases, we would not advise multiple veneers just to solve minor crowding problems.

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